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Since I started playing it in 2005, I’ve played this game often. I have always been a pker, and it was always fun RS Gold, but after the wilderness was taken away I was unable to get into it again with all this EP% and all this.

That being said I thought that I would just give membership to my old account with 40 defense, not worry about statistics and have some fun with this game. I haven’t completed many quests but I would love to PK the ones that I find fun. I prefer to kill any thing or anything that can make me decent money.

Cannonballs for maximum proffit are what I’m currently making. Any other ideas? Are cannonballs the best method to generate more GP from coal? What would my stats be to achieve 40 defense and never PVP? I’m thinking full Rune What should I do should I do? Should I defend or not aim at anything and just take part in the game? Thanks for all who replied. I’m just trying to have fun with the game instead of worrying over lvls for money or for pking.

In three easy-to-understand sections, I will outline the facts, the problem and the way to solve it. It will require a massive collective effort to stop price manipulation however it will put an end to the oppression that is perpetuated by the clans of merchants Buy OSRS Accounts. I would like to impart this information to you and the other participants in the near future.

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