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A few months ago, gamers reported that @StepBackRackwho is a prominent member of the Twitch community, dubbed “Rack,” had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from Australian and New Zealand communities in an apparent investment scam NBA 2K22 MT. Another gamer, @Raangee was allegedly involved in the fraud.

YouTuber and streamer Tyceno was the first to bring to the public the scam that got young gamers to part with thousands of dollars in hopes that they could earn thousands. “I have strong reason to believe that @StepBackRack is the one behind an illegal pyramid scheme that took place within the NBA 2K community with over $200,000 was taken from vulnerable victims believing they could ‘flip’ their cash,” Tyceno wrote.

It’s not certain if Rack or Raangee were aware of the scam or if their accounts were hacked. We’ve tried to contact them numerous times to unsuccessfully. Tyceno and other victims have spoken to us about how “Rack” was able to reach out via video chat with a wide range of youngsters. (NBA 2K’s terms and conditions exclude the use of the feature to engage in illegal activities, commercial purposes, or to gamble money with other individuals. 2K, NBA 2K’s publisher hasn’t returned numerous requests for information.)

Tyceno claimed Rack demanded large amounts of money from its customers offering them extraordinary returns up to 40%. One of the victims aged 21 told us that he’d lost $6000 but was supposed to get paid $11,000 due to the “interest” that he was expected to earn Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. “The fraud was started by a dude named Rack making hundreds of thousands dollars in bets and trying to boast about how much money he claimed to have.”

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