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Here’s the truth about entering the duel arena Dueling is a moral practice. It is not possible to cheat, dishonor or attempt to escape it by any excuse once you have accepted it OSRS Gold. As it is, the any cheating is considered capitalized. Cheat is simply to select the last option and try to ensure that your opponent doesn’t notice it. Dishonor can be very complex, soemthing like: When you obeyed something you and your opponent agreed on but you did not enforce it and violate the rule. To escape…um I’ll guess teleporting and logging out.

For dishonoring, heres what i do: I dont wait like two minutes to consider all the possiblities of losing before I accept a duel–those poeple are unnerving (no offence) If it becomes apparent to me that the other person is less armored or has less cb lvl than me I might take off my armor. I do not use the protection prayer. Also, I don’t attempt to cheat since it does not work.

Okay, so I am currently a level 90 with 9m-9m following a scam of 600k. But i need a Santa hat ASAP and was looking for what is the fastest method to earn money through F2P. I am currently smelting 12k coke, and 6k iron into 6k steel to make 700k in profit. But that is slow and isn’t the most effective way of making money.

Well I’m going to buy myself an RS membership. Since this is my very first month, I’ve many questions. As for that above What kind of protection should I have. I’m on a budget of 500k. Any suggestions are welcome Buy OSRS Fire Cape. I’ve seen mems in F2P worlds wearing backpacks. These backpacks are really fascinating to me.

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