Genel Tartışmalar • The NBA employs a creative approach to marketing its league

The addition of four different factions you can pick from and play against is nice but isn’t much more than the initial option of choosing one of them The MyPark/Neighbourhood feature as it is NBA 2K22 MT. The new MyCareer mode is the biggest version of NBA 2K22 since your player, known as MP (which does not, as you may have guessed is a slang term for “My” Player’) builds an NBA career and brand.

The career itself is relatively well-organized, but it’s overall detail and variety that draw the majority of newbies into. Your MP experience will closely match that of long-time colleague and brand manger Ricky as you pick agents, deal with social media scandals, and broaden your MyCareer beyond the court , and in the game of basketball. You want to be the fashion guru? You got it. Want to follow in the footsteps of “Dame Dolla” and get started on an recording career in rap?

The whole thing is in NBA 2K22. Although these activities don’t often exceed a handful of cute cutscenes and fetch quests, it’s a nice inclusion given many of the conversations and decisions touch on life beyond the NBA and what it means to not only an athlete.

But a star with more consequences in your behavior. You don’t have to be involved at all, because you’re able to simply tear through match after match in pursuit of better statistics as you level up your MP Buy 2K MT, but I appreciate this sense of depth the scope, and the variety.

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