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Welcome to SimplePortal!

SimplePortal is one of several portal mods for Simple Machines Forum (SMF). Although always developing, SimplePortal is produced with the user in mind first. User feedback is the number one method of growth for SimplePortal, and our users are always finding ways for SimplePortal to grow. SimplePortal stays competative with other portal software by adding numerous user-requested features such as articles, block types and the ability to completely customize the portal page.

All this and SimplePortal has remained Simple! SimplePortal is built for simplicity and ease of use; ensuring the average forum administrator can install SimplePortal, configure a few settings, and show off the brand new portal to the users in minutes. Confusing menus, undesired pre-loaded blocks and settings that cannot be found are all avoided as much as possible. Because when it comes down to it, SimplePortal is YOUR portal, and should reflect your taste as much as possible.

Ultimate Simplicity
The simplest portal you can ever think of... You only need a few clicks to install it through Package Manager. A few more to create your own blocks and articles. Your portal is ready to go within a couple of minutes, and simple to customise to reflect YOU.

Install Friendly
With the ingenius design of install and update packages, SimplePortal is incredibly install and update friendly. You will never need any manual changes even on a heavily modified forum.

Incredible Theme Support
The simple but powerful structure of SimplePortal brings you wide-range theme support too. You can use SimplePortal with all SMF themes by just adding a button for it.

Professional Support
SimplePortal offers high quality professional support with its own well known support team.

Eylül 04, 2022, 09:16:39 ÖS Gönderen: speed xp | Views: 253 | Comments: 0

McAfee Endpoint Security İndir – Full v10.7.0.1390.13

McAfee Endpoint Security, programı ile olası tehtitlere karşı sisteminizi koruyarak olası zararların önüne geçeceksiniz. Son derece kaliteli güvenlik özellikleri taşıyan ve oldukça kali...
Eylül 04, 2022, 09:12:51 ÖS Gönderen: speed xp | Views: 274 | Comments: 0

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18.9.2

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ile SQL veritabanlarını yönetebilirsiniz.

SQL Ser...
Ağustos 12, 2022, 05:31:16 ÖS Gönderen: speed xp | Views: 396 | Comments: 0


Roblox, PC, mobil ve webden oynama seçeneği sunan ücretsiz online oyun platformu. Kullanıcılara oyun yapma şansı da veren Roblox, milyonlarca oyun içeriyor.

Roblox oynaması ücretsiz, Windows PC, Android APK, Mac bilgisaya...
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McAfee Endpoint Security İndir – Full v10.7.0.1390.13 Gönderen: speed xp
[Eylül 04, 2022, 09:16:39 ÖS]

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18.9.2 Gönderen: speed xp
[Eylül 04, 2022, 09:12:51 ÖS]

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[Ağustos 12, 2022, 05:31:16 ÖS]

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